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Launch of Fannie Mae 10.0 software and Trended Credit Data. A New Way for Credit Reporting
January 17th, 2017 6:08 PM

Credit reports currently used in mortgage lending indicate only the outstanding balance, utilization and availability of credit, and if a borrower has been on

time or delinquent ...

The launch of Fannie Mae's D.U. (Desktop Underwriter- Fannie Mae’s automated underwriting software) Version 10.0 in September, 2016 will use Trended Credit Data in its credit risk assessment, which provides access to historical monthly data on several factors, including balance, scheduled payment, and actual payment amount that a borrower makes.


Below is a histotical glance at past Fannie Mae D.U. software updates. Currently, some lenders still use D.U. 4.0 for underwriting and approving residential Loans.

FICO 1 (1989)

FICO 98 (1998)

FICO 4 (2004)

FICO 8 (2009)

FICO 9 (2014)  

Below is a photo of a Teltex device used in early credit reporting:

An example of using Trended Credit Data in credit valuations: